Sunday, September 10, 2006

Drained out.....

"Be a Blood Donor , all it costs is a little Love"...said Winston Churchill.

Never gave Blood Donation a thought until one saturday night when i volunteered to be a donor. Was not serious then ,coz i was high that night. But it was not until yesterday that i realised i did something wonderful under the influence of alcohol.

Yesterday ,while watching Jackie's ,Mr.Nice Guy ,the coordinator of the Blood Donation Camp informed me about a patient who needs B+ blood and immediately i said yes...very unusual of not the "Help the Needy" kind of a person.

I went to the hospital...some routine hospital procedures...tests...blah blah.Everything was fine and am completely the person i am. But then ,suddenly everything changed. It was when the doctor talked to me during the actual process of "donation" that i realised i do care for the needy. I started to see a new ME in myself.

I donated blood to Ankur Singh ,a 9 yr old boy suffering from Beta Thalassemia ,inherited blood disease resulting from defective production of hemoglobin, the protein that transports oxygen in the blood. Patients with thalassemia make abnormal hemoglobin that cannot transport enough oxygen to tissues.I came to know that the boy needs 1 unit(400-500 ml)of fresh blood every month to survive. He lacks permanently the ability to produce normal hemoglobin. The doctor said this one line that made me feel like an Angel..."U have provided the boy with a months life". I was so emotionally moved ,only tears didnt roll out of my eyes. That was when i decided to donate blood once every year ,still lying on the bed with a thick needle sucking out blood from my veins.

Now ,after 12 hrs ,i feel weak and tired. But i love the pain when i make this post ,when i type sitting in a chair. Its the greater deed i've done that over shadows this pain. I still see images of the needle ,the packet of blood and i can never forget the million dollar smile on the boy's face when i met him. I badly need some rest now.

P.S:- Dont worry about my drinking habits......didnt booze the complete week before the day i have donated blood.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Careful wat u wish for!!!!!!

I've been on a dowloading spree the past few weeks.Thanks to a friend from IIT who is kind enough to let me use his account.My computer is taking a heavy toll....itnever sleeps during the night.With the speeds i get,i can download a DVD-Rip in 4-5 hrs.Now,people in my coll come to me for new songs,movies,tv shows,series,porn....everything.I could earn a fortune turning thisinto a business.So much to download,so little time.One can find a plethora of stuff available for downloading.

Earlier i used to maintain a collection ofgood movies and series.Now,this has become a no go for all those new downloads pouring in.Now,my collection changes every week.The songs i hear regularly have changed.The frequency of watching movies has increased due to a space constraint.Even a 120Gb hard-drive is not helping.People are never satisfied with what they have.So,i borrowed my friend's 80 Gb to ease the pain.

I always knew that the internet has so much to be explored.But my college has this firewall which keeps us away from the actual interesting stuff.Once i found out this unlimited access to everything,i am finding it difficult to handle it.This sudden surge has become my new reason for a sluggish CAT preparation.It iseasy to make excuses.

P.S:- am downloading scarface while posting this

Thursday, August 03, 2006


when i realise that the tube lasted for over a month

when i can smell my own stink

when i've exhausted all the movies on my comp

when i fall short of attendance

when i have nothing to do

when i dont feel like sleeping

when i get bored of orkut

when no friends are online

when she is the only girl i've seen in days

when in refrigeration class

when i realised it was the only thing i would do in college(career wise ofcourse)

when i cant touch my toes nemore

-will power
when trying not to sleep in class

when there is an exam tomorrow

u know when....

when i try listening to my prof but cant

P.S:- this is not completely me

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

This is one movie that shook me to the core,the most disturbing one.I've seen
some real bad videos.....the beheading of journalists when they are still
alive.....dead bodies from a medical college's anatomy lab....a documentary on
cannibals.....photographs of dead soldiers with their peni*** cut off and
stuffed in their mouths......a man being punished for molesting a young
girl(chopped off)....the video of Right now by Korn and many photographs from

Now, I've seen something not normal and disturbing....2 men kissing each other
passionately and which of the above can beat that??It is
not that I've seen a gay kiss for the first time.Infact The O.C had a gay
kiss-Luke's father and his business associate-which was not close to being
called disturbing,rather I found it funny.May be its the passion in this
movie's kiss that made me go "yuck!!!".

Not only did the scene blow my brains off,it left me completely blank.I could
not comprehend the aggressiveness in the kiss,the passion in their
relationship,the 'whatever' that was going on between them.

I've picked up these lines from the movie:-
"Sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it.
We could have had a good life together,a fucking real good life.
You have no idea how bad it gets,I can't make it on a couple of high altittude
fucks once or twice a year."
Do they make any sense if I say that a man says this to his male lover?May be
some of you can....but I cant.

I was under the impression that the 2 lead actors Jake Gyllenhaal(Jack Twist)
and Heath Ledger(Ennis Del Mar) were really gay and that made it not so
awkward for them to kiss on screen.Then,this swept me off my feet-they are not
gay.I ran some strings in google,read their biographies and was stunned to
come to know about the fact.

Infact, Jake did some high profile dating-Kirsten Dunst.Ledger has a
daughter,Matilda Rose.The two men are pretty close.Jake is Rose's Godfather.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


This is the chai dukaan I was talking about...Dhaiyya.I'm the guy to the right in the middle and that black nokia1108 is my cell.We are having the usual....kurkure,pakoda,singhada(samosa),drinks and chai.....lots of chai.


Winter marks the last few days of my odd sems.....the season of the biting cold,the season of jackets and blazers,the one with all the syllabus completion,assignments,vivas,practicals.....and the season that makes waking up a struggle.
The administration provides a weeks holiday terming as PREP WEEK.....supposedly for us(including ME) to prepare for the sem.Moreover,my profs have finished the syllabus with a week to spare for the Prep many days meant for us to study but what do i do????!!!!

0900 hrs

1000 hrs
Still sleeping.....its the winter u see....

1100 hrs
I see my roomie sleeping and go back to what I do best.

1200 hrs
Struggling in my cozy bed to make it by 1230.....staring at the WAKE UP sign I put on the ceiling above.

1230 hrs
Good morning.....should it be good afternoon??I quickly go thru the routine stuff and I break my fast with lunch......a stomach filling,mouth watering treat in my T-2 Mess.

1400 hrs
I stomp back to my room,wake my Precious from its HIBERNAT(e)ion, check my mails,hi5,orkut,multiply,blogspot,go thru few newsletters(alienware,NGC...),chat with friends and if no one is online I pick up a verbal fight with one of my batchmates.....and this goes on till somebody gives up,it is me most of the times who gives up.....and while all this is going on my I-Sound 2.1 woofer never takes a rest.

1600 hrs
Time for my Precious to back to hibernation.Somebody infuses the idea of the ulti time waste zone....Dhaiyya Chai Dukaan.The pic says everything....look at the conditions of the dukaan where we have the best time of the day making fun of each other.We can even tell the no.of JAI JHARKHAND buses that pass by during the 1 hr we stay there.

1730 hrs
In some corner of my mind I bleakly remember that we've got a Heat and Mass Transfer(HMT) viva the next morning at 9.Now that this popped up into my mind I do the obvious.....I decide to sleep till 8,have dinner and study all night.But that very moment somebody informs me that the viva is postponed to 3 in the afternoon.So I reschedule my evening.I sit to watch The Matrix with Vijay and Rahul.I enjoy watching movies with the two of them.

2030 hrs
After hours of discussion 'bout the movie its dinner.Dinner is generally a quick one thru whatever crap that is served unlike the lunch.Few topics like Rahul's children,Vijay's muscles,Madan's new girlfriend are very seriously discussed which ends with Srinu's long sermon.

2130 hrs
Another movie.....Matrix Reloaded.This time there is not much of discussion but only an immitation of the best fight sequences.We actually tussle for the fun of it......its always nice to drain ur energy,whatever way be it.....we chose the wrestling.

0000 hrs
Couldn't get the 1st half of Matrix had to watch it in Hindi.It was hard to coax the two to watch the 3rd part.After an hour of the KARMA sermon the final war kept us alive.Its a complete shoot out till the end and the Superman fight in the air kept us laughing for a long time.

0230 hrs
I download new songs,keep the worthy and delete the rest,browse the LAN,watch some porn and go to sleep.

0330 hrs
Already dreaming......definitely the viva was completely wiped off from my memory.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Da In"Vinci"ble Code

This is one of the best books I've read......infact, I've read only 6 novels so far and I find this book really interesting.Since I'm a dwarf when it comes to novels,I not only liked the way The Holy Feminine was linked with the story but also the actual story itself.Teabing being The Teacher took me by a shock while some of my friends say it was easy to identify the obvious........."just another Hardy Boys story".I was rather disappointed when I came to know about the old guy in crutches coz I expected someone more devastating.

I finished the novel in two nights-something very impressive for an amateur.The author maintains suspence in a way I loved.He makes a mention that someone comes up with an idea that gets them closer to The Grail but only after a few chapters you will come to know what it is.He narrates a parallel story meanwhile.Also,narrating the story going back and forth in time is the way I like it.For a moment I felt the theory was insisting feminist ideas in every aspect,but when I referred to the paintings I was quite impressed.I have now a new found respect for women.

Completing the book I realised that I have a fascination with conspiracy theories.Even the Moon conspiracy theory kept me thinking and searching for more information.Recently I've visited site contains all the things we would have imagined while reading the novel......the paintings,pics of the Louvre,the three pyramids,the way Disney used the actual paintings of Mary Magdalene in his cartoon movie-The Little Mermaid and many more.The site also has an online treasure hunt for The Grail.Six tough questions to crack.The guys actually created fake email adresses for the characters of the story and also individual webpages for them.The hunt got interesting with the 3rd question where we had to decipher
using Caeser's code.I'll not reveal the code....try it for urselves.The puzzles got tougher and tougher from there on.Its a lot of fun finding the treasure......but eventually I forgot to prepare for my test the next day.

Friday, October 07, 2005

prior Hyderabad

24 hrs from now......i'll board the train and 58 hrs from now......i'll be with the Nizams of Hyderabad.I've been pining to holiday at this place since.......whatever.The two weeks after Mid-Sem....this trip was all I have been thinking of(keeping football aside).These two weeks have been really hectic with 2 tournaments-football and volleyball.Now that I am getting ready for the vacation I feel reinvigorated.....I can feel my strenght again.I'm all pumped up to have a blast in the city.

My friends here created this hype about Hyd.I've heard a lot from them that the city has opened up many new hangouts.Doing your engineering in a place like Dhanbad and considering the hype created makes you drool all over the place.Those 3 or 4 days in Hyd will be unlike any other period of my graduation.I dont mind acting this desparate about Hyd considering my condition here.

I also have few treats lined up.An interesting bet with Srinu.....I have to entice a complete stranger(a girl obviously)to have coffee with me once during those 3 days for which I'll be bestowed with the power to effect Srinu's bankruptcy with a dinner in Utsav.I've made plans with Raju for an arranged date with one of his friends(a girl again).That will do,to triumph the bet.It's sure that Srinu will confront an economic failure.